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Parents and Friends of Smokers and exSmokers !

Membership is open to...
  • Parents
  • Family members
  • Friends

  • and
  • Co-Workers

  • ... of Smokers and exSmokers!

    ... even if you are a Smoker yourself !

Our Purpose ?
Supporting Smokers to be smober and exSmokers to stay smober for life!

We care about you and your quit attempt - we want to know how to help (be of support) not hinder any exSmoker in staying an exSmoker. No preaching - just love, encouragement and support.

Educating Parents, Family, Friends and Co-Workers so as they can help not hinder. Through Education (Knowledge) comes Understanding which equals quality Support for any exSmoker in staying smober. Smober: Smober is similiar to an alcoholic staying sober.. instead a smoker stays "smober" (free from nicotine addiction be it from smoking cigarettes, pipe or cigars)

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